Paradise On Earth


I suspect that many of us have a tendency to claim that the holiday we are currently on is the best, the most fun, the coolest. Equally we tend to idealise a place when we are there as a tourist. Of course, we only see the nicest corners, are often lucky enough not to speak the language and thus miss the arrogance and ignorance of the locals, don’t need to cook and generally are stress and worry free.

But I honestly have just had the time of my life, in the sunny California. It has really marked me profoundly, and given me gallons of energy and inspiration. Highly recommend it for those looking for inspiration and motivation;) San Francisco and LA are so diverse, vibrant and culture rich that no amount of jet lag (or traffic) could make you stop, you just NEED to see it all, soak it all in, go to all the music venues. Big Sur is just painfully beautiful and then you have Monterey and Carmel, both adorable, with the adjacent Pebble Beach. And to top it all up, seals and dolphins are fairly common on local beaches, sushi are heavenly and overall one eats really well and healthy (they actually apologise when things are not organic), and people are friendly and open. So I feel like I’ve gone to heaven and come back, and I can’t wait to go back. Although thinking about it, my life already feels like paradise: I have found real love, am doing what I love and seem to be fairly healthy.

I wish you all the same: love and be loved, and follow your dreams – it’s all possible if we don’t stop ourselves! xoxo

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