Can you “love” your job?

Christmas is looming and many of us tend to evaluate our year. When this is also the year you finally took the leap of faith and quit your pretty secure and well paying legal job to become an artist, the evaluation becomes inevitable and scary!

And what I can say for now, is that taking that leap of faith was the BEST career decision I took, EVER! I have never felt as happy, alive, motivated, passionate and inspired before. And that’s considering I am a naturally happy, joyous and easygoing type of person…

Always dreamt of loving my job, and always been ridiculed for it. Yet I sticked to my guns, as I knew that I was going to find it, sooner or later. And here I am, in the songwriting mode full-time, preparing what will be my 1st EP.

So, can I say that I love my job and thus it’s not only possible but imperative to love what you spend a huge chunk of your time on? YES, YES, YES! And that does not imply that it makes things totally smooth. It’s life and some days are more fun than others but when you do what you love and feel passionate about, you can find joy, inspiration and meaning in the darkest of moments. And do I think life is too short to spend any amount of time (yet alone, a big portion of our days) doing the job that leaves you indifferent at best? YES, and infinitely so!

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