Let this be the Merriest Christmas EVER!

NewsMerryChrismas20152014 has been more magical, creative, joyful and awesome that I could have ever imagined. I have real love in my life, that keeps on growing, I’m in good health, my family are all doing well. If I had to stop there, it would have already been heavenly! But in addition to that, 2014 has also been a year where plenty of my dreams have come true, the work on my 1st EP has started on an amazing note, I have traveled to some magnificent corners (think New York, London, Provence), took up Spanish. Looking back at this year, I feel so happy, so fulfilled, so alive, so me. I practice gratitude daily and I try to live in the most kind, joyful, giving, peaceful and authentic way possible. I wish you all a fantastic Christmas, may this period be stimulating, energising, nourishing and plain unforgettable for you and your loved ones!

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