A note from Athens: don’t let things cloud your better judgment


Greetings guys! I’m back in Athens, and it feels absolutely awesome. Seems like no amount of trouble could change the people here – they remain as joyful, kind, welcoming and party loving as ever:)) They stay true to their values – something that may prove a challenge when times are rough….

And it just reminded me how often we let ourselves be distracted by all sorts of things. So I propose we take the Greeks as a role model, and the following should never cloud our better judgment:

Parents’ opinion
Friends’ opinion
Negative thoughts
Past failures
Bad mood
Fashion trends
Promise of wealth

And the list could go on. What it all boils down to is living your life as YOU desire, and to the fullest. Don’t let anything or anyone cloud your better judgment, listen to yourself – this should be your life compass. When you feel lost, listen to yourself even more carefully. If you can’t hear anything, and this is often the case when stress and overwhelm are abundant, be patient and discerning – your inner voice will eventually reveal itself.

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