Happy New Year!

NewsHappyNewYearIt’s been a year since I quit my stable and prestigious profession, i.e., law and plunged into the world of music. Or should I have said, “free” music? Throughout this sensational and unforgettable year, I have experienced a rainbow of emotions. The whole palette, actually! I have felt elated, grateful for every second, beyond excited, and also most ME, and most alive, inspired, creative, giving, caring, energised and passionate I have ever felt, and I have finally got to the stage where things just made perfect sense! I have also felt petrified, overwhelmed, judged, insecure, lost, desperate and super stressed… The most hilarious bit is that on some (pretty intense) days, I got to experience all of these emotions in the space of several hours. I’m always puzzled by the working of the human brain!

Despite my constant worrying about my productivity levels, it is evident that I have come a long way since 1 January 2014. I have performed regularly, written plenty of songs and lyrics, and my first EP is well underway and will be released in 2015. This journey gives me so much joy, inspiration, energy and meaning that the biggest mistake of my life would be not finding enough courage to embark upon it. I have learnt so much from this experience that I have started writing a book about it. I had not planned it but once I started writing I knew I had to continue as the insights and advice I can share will likely transform many people’s lives.

I wish you a most joyful and inspiring 2015! Live your dreams, live to the fullest, and look after yourselves!

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