Monthly Archives: March 2015

My first sold out gig!

Friday marked the occasion of my first sold out gig! That also happened to be my second proper gig! I’m in awe, speechless, moved and 1000% and more grateful! This is something I have dreamt of all my life, something I postponed doing for years and something I saw as unrealistic and too big for the little me until just… Read more →

Live Your Dreams! They Come True!

Dreams come true – how could I not say that?! Thursday night marked the occasion of my first proper gig. Singing has been my dream for as long as I can remember. As has been loving my job….For reasons as plentiful as they are wrong, I postponed living these dreams for way too long. Instead, I went to study Law… Read more →

Happy Women’s Day!

I wish you ALL the following… Be yourselves. The way you are is 100% unique. You and only you can be, do, create and say what you are here for. Do not keep it hidden, do not kill it before its first breath! Do not deprive the Universe of your unique contribution. Love yourselves. If you can’t or don’t want… Read more →

Rehearsing for the first proper gigs

And we are finally there! :-))))) I’ve got the first two gigs booked! It’s been just over a year since that career overhaul of mine: lawyer to singer…. I so wanted to start performing but it took some time for certain things to fall into place and it was about 2 weeks ago that my inner voice whispered “time to… Read more →