Happy Women’s Day!


I wish you ALL the following…

Be yourselves. The way you are is 100% unique. You and only you can be, do, create and say what you are here for. Do not keep it hidden, do not kill it before its first breath! Do not deprive the Universe of your unique contribution.

Love yourselves. If you can’t or don’t want to, why would anyone else?

Respect yourselves. Because if you want others to treat you with respect, you will have to show them with your demeanour and the way of being generally that one will either have treat you with respect or not have the opportunity to treat you in any way whatsoever. As abhorrent as it is when women are being seen as mere objects, one cannot but notice that women are not exactly helping the cause!

Take good care of yourselves, and that, in my humble opinion, implies eating well, sleeping sufficiently, staying physically active, taking time to just be, breathing correctly, meditating, creating, following your dreams, and most importantly perhaps, listening to that inner voice of yours. Your inner voice that always knows when you are tired, hungry (or just thirsty, or bored:-)), when you don’t like someone, when a certain activity makes your heart sing (or cry). You can see where I am going with all this…
Without looking after yourselves, one stands no chance at that, as you need a solid foundation to build your life on and your wellbeing is at the core of that foundation.

So look after yourselves, love and respect yourselves and those around you, live the life to the fullest, and go after your dreams! I’d spent a couple of years too many not following this very same advice before it all starting shifting… Life is such a different experience now… I really wish people could avoid wasting their time committing the same errors. Hopefully writing this blog and my songs will inspire people to see things from a different perspective and start loving themselves and living to the fullest!

Ps As a special bonus I got to spend this day with my Mummy, who’s come to spend a few days with us in Nice, and Bruno, as it’s Sunday! If that weren’t awesome enough, the weather was sublime and we got to take some pics of all this jazz;) Words can’t fully describe the level of joy and gratitude I am feeling! I hope you had an equally amazing day.

Speak to ya all soon;) Please leave your comments below, I would totally love that! xoxoxo

Live your dreams! Life is too short to mess about!

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