Live Your Dreams! They Come True!

TchekhovMarch12Dreams come true – how could I not say that?!

Thursday night marked the occasion of my first proper gig. Singing has been my dream for as long as I can remember. As has been loving my job….For reasons as plentiful as they are wrong, I postponed living these dreams for way too long. Instead, I went to study Law and spent several years working in that field. There was hardly a day I did not ask myself how on earth I ended up there. I had a feeling of being an actress in a film (I did not quite fancy lol). I badly wanted to change my life, yet I kept failing at that.

I was brought up in a place where most people believe that one is either born tremendously talented and creative or totally unable, and if you are not among the former group (and I never discovered who the arbiter of that is lol) – forget doing anything creative! Crazy and barbaric way of thinking, right?! But I could not have understood that when I was little… And as I was not proclaimed a musical genius, my subconscious mind burried this dream before it had had its first breath…

I then met my boyfriend who was brought up so differently in this regard, that something really shifted in my attitude and mentality. I had been looking for answers for years before that so I guess his take on things was that last straw:) I realised that life was too short to spend it on things one does not want to be doing, to live it anything but to the fullest, to belittle yourself just so that others feel comfortable, to try and be someone else so that you can please your parents, to think that you cannot or should not do certain things even if you are dreaming about doing them. If your heart yearns to do something, you must listen to it – it does not lie. (One of my songs is actually called just that – Listen to Your Heart!)

So there I am, doing what I have always dreamt about and loving it – having wasted years! But, better late than very late lol And that’s why, these three words – Dreams Come True! and Live Your Dreams! – resonate profoundly with me. I cannot stop urging people to follow their dreams as everything is possible in life and the only barrier between your dreams becoming reality and your life as it is now, is YOU! You just need to go for it, life will be such a different experience after, you won’t recognise yourself! Go for it, LIVE YOUR DREAMS! Life is too short not to! xoxoxo

PS I am a huge fan of Sir Ken Robinson and his view on education, creativity, talent. If you are not familiar with his work, check it out (he’s done numerous Ted talks and you can watch them all on Youtube) – it’s precious!

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