Live at the Troubadour, London!

Hey peeps, hope you had a beautiful weekend! I went to the cinema to watch The Intern with De Niro, and in addition to that, rented two films on Itunes – Ronin and Limitless, both with De Niro too, funnily enough. Guess it’s one of those “accidentally on purpose” type of choices lol I LOVE watching movies and these three are great films, each in its own way. I feel privileged to need as little as a good old movie to make my day!

There is something else that’s made me feel elated over the last couple of days:) I will be playing at the iconic Troubadour in London on 12th November. I will be playing with my good friend, collaborator and producer Frank Brody of the F&V duo, and that alone is uber inspiring to me. If you can make it, come and say hello. I will be delighted to see you!


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