Lavender infused weekend… and poem…

Don’t we all dream about seeing a certain place or experiencing something for no real reason? Well, walking through lavender fields was definitely something I’d dreamt about for several years before making it there this July. If I had to describe it in one word, I’d call it… magical… or perhaps, breathtaking… unforgettable… one of a kind… You see what I mean :)

The whole weekend was simply sublime and blissful and I couldn’t recommend it strongly enough. When I got back home, the smell and the purple were still present all around me. I could see it, hear it, smell it. And a couple of days later, I wrote a poem clearly inspired by it all. It’s a true pleasure to share it with you. May it bring you some peace and joy.

Your purple smile is fascinating
Back at home, I am still longing for it
You looked at me once but I shall never forget it
You caressed my soul, opened my heart.

I’ll be dreaming about you
For as long as I’m dreaming
Hoping to see you again
For as long as I can.

I’m inhaling your sweetness
Embracing your shadows
You are walking within me
Building streets in my soul.

I am longing to see you
I can feel you within me
What a beautiful earth
When the grass is all purple.

What is life but some moments
When you are transported
Far above what is normal
To a place that’s all purple…

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