Hi! My name is Lea Van Sky:)

I’m a multilingual lawyer-turned-singer songwriter, poet, speaker, and a happiness activist. Having spent years looking for meaning, stuck in a life that didn’t feel mine, I am now on a mission to help millions of people discover and love their true self and thus transform their life. Originally from Riga and having lived in London for 10 years, I am currently based in the sunny Cote D’Azur.

People have labelled my music adult pop, intellectual pop, pop/rock, pop/folk and urban folk. Perhaps it’s a natural consequence of having lived in different countries and my eclectic taste in music, but I am just thrilled and privileged to be finally making music and hopefully it will help me make a contribution I would like to make.

Since I quit my legal career nearly two years ago, things have not stopped unfolding beyond my wildest imagination and I am currently gigging (including at the legendary Troubadour in London) and working towards my first record with Frank Brody, a dear friend, and a talented musician, composer and producer. In the spare time, of which there isn’t much, I am getting ready to launch a Youtube vlog on the art of being, self-discovery and self-love.

If you are curious as to how the journey started, here it goes…

I arrived in London from Riga at the tender age of 17, for what was meant to be a short summer break. Having instantly fallen in love with the vibe of London, I managed, for reasons unbeknown to me till today, to convince my parents to let me stay in London and pass A-levels from distance… This was when I first started realising that the Universe was there to help us realise our dreams.

I had been conditioned to think in a certain (very limited) manner and I felt lost. I lacked any sense of self-worth. Studying Law seemed to be a safe bet and so I did my Bachelors at Brunel and Masters at UCL. While I was awarded First Class Honours, it was evident that a corporate career was not for me. When I started working as a legal adviser, I told myself that it was just a means to support myself until I found my true calling. However, time passed and I remained a corporate world citizen, desperately wanting yet failing to gather enough courage to migrate.

An unplanned last-minute trip to Provence proved life-changing. I was so mesmerised that upon returning to London I could not stop dreaming about moving to the South of France. I started self-teaching French and, shortly afterwards, met Bruno, the love of my life… Bruno was moving back to Nice several months later and so not only did I find the real love but I was also moving to the South of France. My wildest dreams were coming true and it triggered a transformation in me!

I was loving my life in Nice and felt sad and empty way less often. However, I was still looking for my calling and more meaning. Deep down I knew what I wanted to do and how I wanted to live but fear, self-doubt, wrong mindframe and lack of consciousness kept me stuck.

In the hindsight I see that the time I got to spend on my own when I first moved to Nice was a gift from the Universe. The silence helped me begin to discover my true self and understand what my dreams and passions truly were. Witnessing someone close to me diagnosed with terminal cancer was the last straw. It just hit me that we had to live fully, pursue our dreams and passions, and be grateful for every moment we got to experience! I had also realised by then that I had to complete the task of self-discovery, self-acceptance, self-healing and self-love, as lacking that had prevented me throughout my life to feel happy and fulfilled…. This is a beautiful and transformational journey that continues till today and I hope to help millions of people to discover and love their true self and thus transform their life.

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