Make Love With The World

January 6, 2016

Make Love With The World

Make love with the world
Make love with your eyes
Make love with your heart
And demons inside

Make love with the rude
Make love with the blind
Make love with the sky
Make love with the stars

Make love with the haters
Make love with the rain
Make love with the failure
Make love with the pain

Make love with your fears
Make love with your tears
Make love with your weakness
And whisper, don’t scream

Because when you love you
And when you rejoice,
The miracles happen
With no hint of pause

Because when you see
The life as an art,
The walls become doors
And heaven is yours

By Lea Van Sky

Let 2016 Be Miraculous!

January 5, 2016

Happy New Year dear readers! May 2016 be abundant with joy, love, kindness, compassion, authenticity, creativity, inspiration, adventure, new possibilities, learning, wisdom, courage, and success for you and your beloved ones. Live every second of it fully and with gratitude, and listen to your heart! Continue discovering and loving yourself, and making your contribution to our beautiful planet…

I’m aware it’s 5th Jan but … better late than very late:) And in France, one actually gets all of January to do this so I’m almost in advance lol

How I Transformed My Life: Part I

December 19, 2015

Having transformed my life from a potent cocktail of no meaning, confusion, insecurity and darkness, to a life filled with love, joy, happiness and creativity, I cannot but feel profoundly grateful, humble and mesmerised. I am fascinated by the nature of the Universe, the art of being, and the human experience. The more I learn about these vast subjects, the more passionate I become about it all.

I often ask myself what exactly triggered the transformation in me. Quitting my legal career nearly two years ago was a significant milestone but it was already a consequence of the change that had begun in my mind prior to that.

While it may be difficult to pinpoint how it all started, there are things that have certainly contributed to it, and that continuously help me live the life of my dreams! Let me start with these five, and more will follow in future posts :)

  1. Living with gratitude, that is, being thankful for everything I have, everything that happens to me, everything I learn, every opportunity I get etc. What it also means for me is being thankful for everything that does not happen even though I would have liked it to, as I believe it’s all for a reason. Living with gratitude for me also means not taking anything or anyone for granted.
  2. Mindfulness. I thrive to being fully present and engaged every moment of the day, to be mindful of my thoughts, feelings, motives, and emotions, to eat mindfully, to pay full attention. Mindfulness is one of the keys to joy and happiness and it is closely linked to gratitude. How could one feel miserable if they were grateful and present every moment of the day?
  3. Romantic love. Love that is pure, unconditional, reciprocal. However, what is as important as having found it, is cultivating it every day and not taking any of it for granted!
  4. Self-discovery. Looking back at my childhood, adolescence and early 20’s, I come to realise that I did not have a clue who I was. I had been conditioned to see myself from a certain angle and I lived in the prison of those beliefs feeling insecure, sad and confused most of the time. I did not know who I was and daring to ask myself this question has been liberating, enriching and deeply soothing.
  5. Compassion. The perfection we so often look for does not exist. It is as simple as that. And the moment we process it, we get one step to lasting happiness and peace. For one reason or another, I’ve lived most of my life as a perfectionist and trust me, it ain’t fun:) I am profoundly grateful for the change that took place in me, and as a result, I have become much kinder and much more tolerant, with myself and others. Compassion contributes daily to my feeling content, joyful and enthusiastic. Of course, there are days when compassion is a tall order but like with anything in life, the more you train, the better (and happier) you become.

So there you go, five habits and mindset changes that have helped me transform my life and that contribute to my happiness and peace on a daily basis. I hope it inspires you! If you would like to have a chat or get more information, please get in touch, I’d love to help!

May you have a miraculous weekend! May you be happy!

Lea xxx

Another Unusual Gig! Gouter Musical at Emilie’s Cookies:)

November 30, 2015

Lea Van Sky at the Emilie's Cookies in NiceHello lovely people,

Hope your weekend was filled with love, kindness and inspiration. I finally got to watch the latest James Bond movie and was lucky to witness one of the most mesmerising sunsets ever, in addition to doing some music and putting together a concrete plan for my debut record:) Suffice it to say that exciting times lie ahead and I will surely keep you posted!

On Thursday 3rd Dec, I’ll be doing a Gouter Musical at the hippest coffee shop in Nice called Emilie’s Cookies. I love performing at cool intimate venues (as you probably know,  I did a series of concerts at art galleries this summer and you can read about it here) so I’m really looking forward to it. Come down if you are around, it will be a feast for your tastebuds and ears and I will be delighted to share this experience with you!

In the meantime, I wish you a restful evening and a fantastic week. And I’m off to do some yoga…

With love and gratitude,



Back in Nice After the Troubadour Gig!

November 16, 2015


Having spent a week in London, I am back in Nice, reunited with my piano!!! I really miss it when I’m away, which is probably the only downside of traveling lol The week passed really quickly, with all the rehearsing sessions with Frank and catch-ups with friends. The highlight of the week I guess, was my gig at the legendary Troubadour Club and the amazing post-concert feedback received. I may still have to pinch myself to be fully sure it really is all happening to ME!

In case you don’t know my story, singing and playing the piano has always been my dream but I was conditioned to believe that it was not even an option for me. Even when I finally amassed the necessary amount of courage and self-belief nearly two years ago and finally quit my legal career, the people surrounding me kept trying to change my mind and it was really tough to make that leap of faith.

I struggled so much and for so long before I started living my own life and feeling fulfilled. I am living the life of my dreams, and my message to you is to do the same! As no matter how unrealistic your dreams seem to you, everything is possible, provided you have the right attitude, are really patient and hardworking, and put yourself out there!

I really hope my example helps you to go and make your dreams happen! It’s actually easier than what it seems, once you get going, and it will transform your life!

If you have any questions and thoughts about making your dreams a reality, please get in touch, I’d love to help!

With love and gratitude,

Lea xxx

Interview on the SoundRadio06 tomorrow!

October 29, 2015

Hey peeps, just wanted to let you know that I’ll be interviewed on the SoundRadio06 at 3pm tomorrow (30th October). SoundRadio06 is a web radio and you need to download their app to be able to listen to it. You can download the app on their website

It’s my first radio interview so I’m most excited:) Tune it if you are free, I’m sure it’ll be a hugely entertaining way to conclude your workweek!

Happy Friday in advance xxx

Live at the Troubadour, London!

October 26, 2015

Hey peeps, hope you had a beautiful weekend! I went to the cinema to watch The Intern with De Niro, and in addition to that, rented two films on Itunes – Ronin and Limitless, both with De Niro too, funnily enough. Guess it’s one of those “accidentally on purpose” type of choices lol I LOVE watching movies and these three are great films, each in its own way. I feel privileged to need as little as a good old movie to make my day!

There is something else that’s made me feel elated over the last couple of days:) I will be playing at the iconic Troubadour in London on 12th November. I will be playing with my good friend, collaborator and producer Frank Brody of the F&V duo, and that alone is uber inspiring to me. If you can make it, come and say hello. I will be delighted to see you!


First Encore and New Projects:)

October 19, 2015
Lea Van Sky performing at Chez Pauline

Lea Van Sky performing at Chez Pauline

Lea Van Sky performing at Chez Pauline

Lea Van Sky performing at Chez Pauline

Massive hello and thank you for visiting my blog! It’s been way too long since my last post, and I’ll do my best to blog on a more regular basis going forward.

One of the main reasons for my lack of posting was my physical tiredness and the constant feeling of being swamped. I’ll write a separate post about it in the near future but in the meantime, I just wanted to let you know that I’m doing well and have been busy songwriting, performing and spreading the goodness (or so I hope, at least lol), and brainstorming a couple of project ideas.

My September-October gigs, they went really well! The gig I did at the Court Circuit Cafe, was really special as my parents and a couple of good friends from London were in Nice that week and so could make it to the gig! Other than my Dad none of them had seen me perform before… It was beautiful having them there and seeing that they actually enjoyed the music. And then, the gig I did at a new cool place in Nice called Chez Pauline on Oct 9th marked the occasion of my first encore:))) People also sang along and the post-concert feedback was fantastic. I was chuffed and it felt really gratifying!!!

On the new projects front, I’m getting ready to launch a Youtube vlog where I’ll be sharing my thoughts and tips for happiness and wellbeing. I can’t wait to embark on this project and help a huge amount of people.

I am now getting ready for my trip to London at the beginning of November where I shall hopefully do a gig or two with my amazing collaborator and friend, Frank Brody of the F&V duo.

Voilà voilà, my latest in a nutshell. May you have a joyful and inspiring week xxx

ps If you like my work, please share it to help me reach as many people as possible!


How to Uncover and Accept Your True Self

August 21, 2015

We look for happiness, more meaning, success, love, answers to our questions… And it is almost indelibly ingrained into our mind that these are to be found elsewhere… Whereas in reality, all the answers are within us and our mission is simply to uncover and embrace them. The trick is that it takes a long time and even more importantly, it is a practice, not a quick-fix solution…Miles Davis summed it up perfectly when he said:

“Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself” – Miles Davis

I practice being me every day and I’m making some progress. Life really makes more sense this way. I can only encourage you to join me on this mission of uncovering and accepting our true self, as one cannot be genuinely happy and content without it!

My First Interview :))))

August 11, 2015

Every career has certain universal milestones. The first promotion, first paid gig, first sold-out concert, first record deal… You get the point;)

I guess being interviewed for the first time is one of those milestones for the artists. And, I am thrilled to announce that I have had my first interview taken just a couple of days ago !!! Check it out at

A special thanks goes to my interviewer, the delightful Florence Dubosc from the Riviera Buzz magazine.

Riviera buzz interview - screenshot


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