Light-Ness Your cracked-open heart is leaking no light I might be naive but I’m no blind The eyes are portrayal of miracles sought I might be frustrated but love can’t be fought The darkness of promises twisting my arms The peace is escaping as fast as your love I’m down on my knees, crying out loud Begging one day the dark… Read more →

Make Love With The World

Make Love With The World Make love with the world Make love with your eyes Make love with your heart And demons inside Make love with the rude Make love with the blind Make love with the sky Make love with the stars Make love with the haters Make love with the rain Make love with the failure Make love… Read more →

Let 2016 Be Miraculous!

Happy New Year dear readers! May 2016 be abundant with joy, love, kindness, compassion, authenticity, creativity, inspiration, adventure, new possibilities, learning, wisdom, courage, and success for you and your beloved ones. Live every second of it fully and with gratitude, and listen to your heart! Continue discovering and loving yourself, and making your contribution to our beautiful planet… I’m aware it’s… Read more →

How I Transformed My Life: Part I

Having transformed my life from a potent cocktail of no meaning, confusion, insecurity and darkness, to a life filled with love, joy, happiness and creativity, I cannot but feel profoundly grateful, humble and mesmerised. I am fascinated by the nature of the Universe, the art of being, and the human experience. The more I learn about these vast subjects, the more passionate I become about it all. I often ask myself… Read more →

Change or Cry, Live at The Troubadour, London

I have just posted a video from this unforgettable gig I played in the legendary Troubadour Club in London with my dear friend and collaborator Frank Brody. I have also written a blog post and shared some pictures from this awesome gig. Hope you enjoy the video! If you like it, please share with your friends to help me spread the word:)


Another Unusual Gig! Gouter Musical at Emilie’s Cookies:)

Hello lovely people, Hope your weekend was filled with love, kindness and inspiration. I finally got to watch the latest James Bond movie and was lucky to witness one of the most mesmerising sunsets ever, in addition to doing some music and putting together a concrete plan for my debut record:) Suffice it to say that exciting times lie ahead and… Read more →

Lea Van Sky Live at The Troubadour in London

Back in Nice After the Troubadour Gig!

Having spent a week in London, I am back in Nice, reunited with my piano!!! I really miss it when I’m away, which is probably the only downside of traveling lol The week passed really quickly, with all the rehearsing sessions with Frank and catch-ups with friends. The highlight of the week I guess, was my gig at the legendary Troubadour… Read more →

Interview on the SoundRadio06 tomorrow!

Hey peeps, just wanted to let you know that I’ll be interviewed on the SoundRadio06 at 3pm tomorrow (30th October). SoundRadio06 is a web radio and you need to download their app to be able to listen to it. You can download the app on their website It’s my first radio interview so I’m most excited:) Tune it if you are free,… Read more →

Live at the Troubadour, London!

Hey peeps, hope you had a beautiful weekend! I went to the cinema to watch The Intern with De Niro, and in addition to that, rented two films on Itunes – Ronin and Limitless, both with De Niro too, funnily enough. Guess it’s one of those “accidentally on purpose” type of choices lol I LOVE watching movies and these three are great… Read more →