Monthly Archives: September 2014

Music raises money for girls’ education!

Music is one of the most beautiful and moving things ever created. I hope most people would only agree. It makes people come alive, see things in a whole new light, connect with their heart, forget the daily grind… However, it goes beyond that. Music can (and increasingly does) help raise funds for charitable causes. This is one of the… Read more →

Lea’s back to Manhattan… And she’s in awe!

Cities are like people; you have those leaving you wanting for more. Then, when you do get more, you sometimes feel disappointed or puzzled as to why you even felt like more in the first place. I had that experience with Barcelona, for example. The alternative to that is getting more and being even more impressed and attracted than the… Read more →

Wow, summer’s gone. Here is to beautiful autumn!

  1st September on the calendar…Can you believe it?! For me, that was one sublime and unforgettable summer full of #love, joy, #inspiration, #creativity, positive energy, and amazing projects. Also, it’s my first summer as an artist. That alone is heavenly:-) A summer like this is an enormous privilege, particularly in the current economic and political climate. All one can… Read more →