Lea’s back to Manhattan… And she’s in awe!

NewsLeaBackToManhattanCities are like people; you have those leaving you wanting for more. Then, when you do get more, you sometimes feel disappointed or puzzled as to why you even felt like more in the first place. I had that experience with Barcelona, for example. The alternative to that is getting more and being even more impressed and attracted than the first time round. You see what I mean? Well, that’s how I feel about New York. And my amazing boyfriend, for that matter! The time spent in Manhattan must have inspired the hell out of me too, as I was constantly scribbling down and singing into my iPhone dictaphone in all sorts of places (planes, bars, shopping malls, bath tub, to name but a few). One of the songs to come out of that is titled Manhattan…If Only Someone Told Me. I hope to record it this autumn – shall keep you posted. I can’t wait to return to New York. On a very positive note, I might have to do just that at the beginning of May but that will be confirmed in November….Stay tuned Dear Readers! xoxoxoxo

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