Monthly Archives: November 2014

Starting work on 1st EP

So the general consensus was that the first recording will be in the form of EP, and not full album. Feeling over the moon and oozing excitement, motivation, energy, creativity, joy, gratitude and love! Less than a year ago I was stuck right in the middle of legal profession and here I am, writing and arranging material for my first… Read more →

Busy writing new material :-)

Things have been falling into place on the music front lately. I have been feeling really inspired and creative and my musical style and sound are becoming more pronounced by the day, or rather, by the song:) This is something I am grateful for every second of my existence! My biggest “problem” at the moment is figuring out whether I… Read more →

I’m on the cover of MIDEM advert!

There I was, quietly going about my Friday afternoon, looking forward to my Spanish lesson… Then I start receiving messages from my friends and colleagues, all including the same link…I open the link and see my own portrait, in the middle of MIDEM’s promotional email. Talk about a good pitch;) Needless to say, I’m flattered and really looking forward to… Read more →