My first sold out gig!


Friday marked the occasion of my first sold out gig! That also happened to be my second proper gig! I’m in awe, speechless, moved and 1000% and more grateful! This is something I have dreamt of all my life, something I postponed doing for years and something I saw as unrealistic and too big for the little me until just over one year ago! What a difference one year can make….

This just proves, yet again, that everything in life is possible, provided we know really clearly what we want and have a genuine passion for it. That passion will fuel the journey to our dreams, no matter how long, complex and painful it is!

Go after your dreams, don’t waste any time – the life passes so quickly and the biggest risk one runs is not making mistakes but regretting not having given it a go!

If you are unsure what your dreams are, don’t worry or beat yourself up. Keep living the life to the fullest, be grateful for every experience, stay true to yourself, and sooner or later you will realise what your dreams and passions are!

Please send me your stories about making your dreams a reality and if you have any questions or comments, I would love you to share them!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Speak soon xoxoxo

Ps The photo was taken by my wonderful boyfriend, who, in addition to being the love of my life is keen on photography:) The gig took place at the Tchekhov restaurant – an exquisite Russian restaurant in the very heart of Nice. Check it out if you are around! Follow this link to see their FB page.

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