Can love live forever?

They say love dies after 2 years, 3 years MAX. There was a time I would worry about this theory, and feel sad about the ephemeral nature of love… Well, this was a while ago lol Bruno and I celebrated 5 and a half years of being together on April 11th and our love keeps on growing. We miss each other madly whenever we are apart, our relationship is as romantic as at the beginning and we are swimming in the ocean of love, joy, and peace. I guess what they mean is that lust dies after a certain period of time. Love, on the other hand, only grows as time passes and the relationship becomes more and more enjoyable, tender, deep and inspiring.

May we all find real love that will last forever and more, as no amount of money, success, power and fame can compensate for the absence of love in the long term! xoxoxo

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