Dental abscess…That will hopefully teach me!

I’ve been in pain since last night – throbbing toothache, fever, headache… You name it I’ve felt it! It came out of nowhere, as health issues tend to do…

Luckily enough I managed to get an appointment with the dentist who, having done an X-Ray, declared that what I had was dental abscess and prescribed a week’s worth of 3 different antibiotics and painkillers (to start with). I’ve been using organic cosmetics and alternative medicine only for years so you can imagine how I felt at the thought of having to take all the antibiotics. But when you are in physical pain, you become easily convinced lol

As I can hardly chew, I’ve been very limited in what I can eat today. I will make sure to keep this memory for those times when I’m being stupid and refusing to eat properly! Life really is too short, and good health too precious, to sabotage it all with an eating disorder. I’ve always had trouble in this regard and it’s really a pain to get rid of. However, what I have realised lately is that if we accept the problem rather than resist it and genuinely want to heal, it is possible to free ourselves and regain full control of our life!

Here is to healthy eating habits and body image, self-love and…. solid health and teeth:)

Please share your personal stories and tips regarding eating disorders – let’s inspire and support each other!


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