What is your understanding of creativity?

Why wasn’t I born creative? Could I learn to be creative and if so, how? But what if my attempts at creativity fail or are ridiculed?

There was a time I used to pose myself these questions pretty often. I had a job I didn’t feel passionate about and I could seriously feel something was missing. I wanted to sing, write, compose, I wanted my life to change. But as I considered myself not creative, this was not an option in my mind. Looking back at it, I don’t even know where this self-prejudice came from. Guess it didn’t help that I grew up surrounded by people who believed that one is born either creative or not. The creative type was someone who would draw like Picasso or compose like Beethoven from the very early age. You get the idea lol Fortunately I met Bruno, whose understanding of creativity was way less backward and who kept saying I was creative from our very first date:)

Since then, I have gone from lawyer to singer-songwriter-artist. I have written tens of songs, and started recording and performing live. I have also come to realise that firstly, creativity is a way of living and everything can be done creatively, from cooking to decorating to writing work emails, and secondly, creativity resides in each of us, some of us just never let it out.

This journey has been, and continues to be, a pure joy and privilege for which I am constantly grateful for, even if anxiety, doubt and fear are all part of it! I wish I had embarked on this journey much earlier but better late than very late:)

I hope this inspires you to unlock your creativity and go after your dreams! Life is short, live it to the fullest! xoxoxo

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