Monthly Archives: July 2015

Art Gallery Concert Series

Wouldn’t it be special and inspiring to find yourself in an intimist setting of a beautiful art gallery all while listening to some live music? This is one of the questions behind my desire to perform in art galleries. Following a period of pretty intense brainstorming and visiting multiple galleries, the project was born! So stay tuned;) I have given… Read more →

Like a Child…

Hello lovely people! I hope you are all doing amazingly well this week. What really helps to live a happy life, in my humble opinion, is living mindfully and gratefully. That is, paying full attention to the present moment and being grateful for everything we have, learn and get to experience. Just as I was working on some of the… Read more →

Concert at the Little RestO Atelier Galerie Tsadé in Nice

Last night’s concert at the Little RestO Atelier Galerie Tsadé in Nice was a blast! It was packed, and the ambiance was fantastic. The audience seemed to be enjoying themselves profoundly, and ended up singing with us:) I was accompanied by two great musicians – Misse and Thierry – whose musicality and energy were contagious! As always, the concert passed… Read more →