Monthly Archives: October 2015

Interview on the SoundRadio06 tomorrow!

Hey peeps, just wanted to let you know that I’ll be interviewed on the SoundRadio06 at 3pm tomorrow (30th October). SoundRadio06 is a web radio and you need to download their app to be able to listen to it. You can download the app on their website It’s my first radio interview so I’m most excited:) Tune it if you are free,… Read more →

Live at the Troubadour, London!

Hey peeps, hope you had a beautiful weekend! I went to the cinema to watch The Intern with De Niro, and in addition to that, rented two films on Itunes – Ronin and Limitless, both with De Niro too, funnily enough. Guess it’s one of those “accidentally on purpose” type of choices lol I LOVE watching movies and these three are great… Read more →

Photos From the Concert at Chez Pauline in Nice

© Stéphane Claus

First Encore and New Projects:)

Massive hello and thank you for visiting my blog! It’s been way too long since my last post, and I’ll do my best to blog on a more regular basis going forward. One of the main reasons for my lack of posting was my physical tiredness and the constant feeling of being swamped. I’ll write a separate post about it in the near future but… Read more →