How I Transformed My Life: Part I

Having transformed my life from a potent cocktail of no meaning, confusion, insecurity and darkness, to a life filled with love, joy, happiness and creativity, I cannot but feel profoundly grateful, humble and mesmerised. I am fascinated by the nature of the Universe, the art of being, and the human experience. The more I learn about these vast subjects, the more passionate I become about it all.

I often ask myself what exactly triggered the transformation in me. Quitting my legal career nearly two years ago was a significant milestone but it was already a consequence of the change that had begun in my mind prior to that.

While it may be difficult to pinpoint how it all started, there are things that have certainly contributed to it, and that continuously help me live the life of my dreams! Let me start with these five, and more will follow in future posts :)

  1. Living with gratitude, that is, being thankful for everything I have, everything that happens to me, everything I learn, every opportunity I get etc. What it also means for me is being thankful for everything that does not happen even though I would have liked it to, as I believe it’s all for a reason. Living with gratitude for me also means not taking anything or anyone for granted.
  2. Mindfulness. I thrive to being fully present and engaged every moment of the day, to be mindful of my thoughts, feelings, motives, and emotions, to eat mindfully, to pay full attention. Mindfulness is one of the keys to joy and happiness and it is closely linked to gratitude. How could one feel miserable if they were grateful and present every moment of the day?
  3. Romantic love. Love that is pure, unconditional, reciprocal. However, what is as important as having found it, is cultivating it every day and not taking any of it for granted!
  4. Self-discovery. Looking back at my childhood, adolescence and early 20’s, I come to realise that I did not have a clue who I was. I had been conditioned to see myself from a certain angle and I lived in the prison of those beliefs feeling insecure, sad and confused most of the time. I did not know who I was and daring to ask myself this question has been liberating, enriching and deeply soothing.
  5. Compassion. The perfection we so often look for does not exist. It is as simple as that. And the moment we process it, we get one step to lasting happiness and peace. For one reason or another, I’ve lived most of my life as a perfectionist and trust me, it ain’t fun:) I am profoundly grateful for the change that took place in me, and as a result, I have become much kinder and much more tolerant, with myself and others. Compassion contributes daily to my feeling content, joyful and enthusiastic. Of course, there are days when compassion is a tall order but like with anything in life, the more you train, the better (and happier) you become.

So there you go, five habits and mindset changes that have helped me transform my life and that contribute to my happiness and peace on a daily basis. I hope it inspires you! If you would like to have a chat or get more information, please get in touch, I’d love to help!

May you have a miraculous weekend! May you be happy!

Lea xxx

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