Nothing To Fear

People keep saying I’m very courageous. And to be honest, it’s not something I can comment on. All I’m trying to do is listen to and follow my heart, and accept myself fully and lovingly… There are things that appear very scary and next to impossible… but if I feel that doing it is what’s right and true for me, I conquer my fear and go for it. I guess what helps one conquer the fear is faith, passion, determination, and humility.

As I was having breakfast on Sunday, a phrase popped up in my mind. I kept hearing “nothing to fear, nothing to fear, nothing to fear”…. As I finished my breakfast, I went to play the piano and the phrase kept repeating itself.

And so this poem was born:) You might have guessed its title…. Nothing To Fear…. I really hope it has some positive effect on you…


Nothing to fear

Got nothing to fear in this life,

When things are not clear

Breathe in and breathe out through your heart.


Nothing to fear

We all are so free we could fly,

But we cling to earth

Because we think sky is too far.


Nothing to fear

We really have nothing to fear,

What we fear the most will happen for all

We have no control but we have a choice.


To squander the life or give it the most,

To look for the fault or love and rejoice,

To make the mistakes or drown in regret,

To be ourselves or please those who vet,

To give and inspire or only to take,

To let yourself dream or limit yourself,

To learn and evolve or think that you know,

To see life as miracle or as a chore…


Nothing to fear

We really have nothing to fear,

So why not just live every moment so vast

As if it could be our last?


Nothing To Fear, by Lea Van Sky

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